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Puzzle #4

Puzzle #4

If purple is worth 70 points, green is worth 60 points and red is worth 35 points, you can find out what any colour word is worth in points using the same scoring system.

How many points would orange be worth?

[Hint: One way might be to think about how much each letter in the colour word might be worth.  Then get a theory that works for one of the words and then check to see if it works for the other two colour words you know.]

This one's tricky and there is more than one answer.  As long as you can find a rule that works, you're right!

Email me your answers at h.d.sellen@googlemail.com! Good luck!



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Jun. 23rd, 2007 12:39 pm (UTC)
Would you be able to try an artistic approach like this:

purple = blue + red
so blue = purple - red = 70 - 35
so blue = 35

and find out other colour values like that until you end up with a value for orange?
Jun. 23rd, 2007 01:47 pm (UTC)
Yes, I like that method. It's the one I came up with first when I saw the problem.

Since you could say Orange is made with Yellow and Red, then you want to find the value of Yellow. You have Green and Green is made up of Blue and Yellow, but you still need Blue. Purple is made up of Blue and Red, so you have enough information to find Blue, Yellow and hence Orange. ^_^

[Purple = P, Blue = B, Red = R, Green = G, Yellow = Y and Orange = O]

P = B + R (Statement 1)
B = P - R (solve for Blue)
B = 70 - 35 (substitute in to find Blue)
B = 35

G = Y + B (Statement 2)
Y = G - B (solve for Yellow)
Y = 60 - 35 (substitute in to find Yellow)
Y = 25

O = Y + R (Statement 3)
O = 25 + 35 (Substitute in to find Orange)
O = 60

So Orange could equal 60 according to this method.

There is another set of rules that will work. Think linguistically rather than artistically^_^
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